Spend The Weekend With BTS’ Jung Kook As He Shares His BTS VLOG’s “Camping VLOG”

“These are the weekends I live for, watching the Bangtan Boys share how they spent their days doing something they enjoy, so far we already spent our weekends with V, j-hope, Jimin and RM. Today we go camping with Jung Kook who drove himself to the location. He talked about how he wrote the lyrics to the song “My You” that was a gift for ARMY during their FESTA celebrations. He stopped by a service area that serves food and bought some potato tornado, sotteok, sweet potato sticks and a drink. He was just having a good time relaxed and enjoying the meal. Jung Kook is just inlove with “That That” by PSY and SUGA, he never misses a chance to dance to it!


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