“Dior Hoseok” vs. “Lolla Hoseok,” Pick Your fighter, BTS ARMY Is Voting, What Say You?

“BTS’ j-hope wrapped up Lollpalooza with flair and fireworks. His style, his stage presence, his voice, his rap, his gorgeous looks, all came down and wrecked fans. j-hope’s fashion is always on point and in line with trends and sometimes he likes to create his own trends. His two outfits for the Lollapalooza historical performance were unique and so, so j-hope. Many went crazy for his all black ensemble which brought back memories of j-hope in that Dior outfit, especially the “Tear” and “Mic Drop” performances

So fans are voting, “Dior Hoeeok” vs. “Lolla Hoseok” basically j-hope verses himself. The votes are split, some cannot choose, some agree Lolla Hoseok is an upgrade of Dior Hoseok, some say Lolla Hoseok ended  Dior Hoseok, but they all agree that Hoseok keeps getting better. So which j-hope look has you all flustered and obsessed with?

And that is how the transition came in 😉


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