BTS’ j-hope Penned A Heartfelt Letter Thanking Everyone Involved In Making His Performance at Lollapalooza Unforgettable

“Lollapalooza has ended and with it the most magical day for BTS’ j-hope who held his first ever solo performance debuting his first ever solo album “Jack In The Box” j-hope’s performance is one fo ethe record as it just showcased how BTS have made a full 360 degrees turnaround. From an unknown band with minimal resources to artists that can stand on their own, headline international festivals and shine brightest. It was an experoenece that the world, fans and his band memebers will never forget.

BTS have began their chapter 2 of their artistry and if j-hope is any indication of what best in yet to come, then there are 6 more perfromances that fans can antuicipate from each of the remaining members.

j-hope penned a heart felf letter to everyone that was involved in the production and coming to fruition of the performance. He thanked the staff who helped in the preparations, the staff at Lollapalooza, the dance crew, Becky G who performed with him and his band member Jimin who came to watch him perform. He was grateful for the opportunity and revealed it was a memorable experience

July 31, 2022 is going to be one of my greatest and unforgettable moments.
Lollapalooza was one of the most important challenges of Jack in the Box.
Preparing an hour-long show with me front and center was just one dread-filled moment after another,
and I whipped myself forward as hard as I could, again and again, to practice for the show.
Most of all, preparing every detail with so much attention and care made me learn along the way about who I really am.

Yesterday was the culmination of this whole process,
and that’s why it’ll be that much more of a treasured memory in my life’s history,
and have that much more meaning!!!

I want to thank all of the staff who worked so hard for Lollapalooza,
all of my buddies in the band and the dance crew, Becky G for her special presence, Jimin who came so far to cheer me on,

and above all I want to thank our ARMY who made yesterday’s stage shine even more brightly,

and I would like to thank once again all the organizers of Lollapalooza who gave me this amazing opportunity !!!” j-hope


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