“HOBIPALOOZA” Currently Trending With Over 1.9 Million Tweets After j-hope’s Unforgettable Historical Performance at 2022 Lollapalooza

“BTS’ j-hope made history and he made it with fireworks! J-hope’s performance at Lollapalooza was highly anticipated with fans already gathering at the venue of his stage hours before he was set to perform. Fans shared clips of them listening as j-hope rehearsed for his set list. As soon as j-hope was announced as the headliner for day 3 of Lollapalooza, “HOBIPALOOZA” took over Twitter and has been trending for several days leading up to the performance. On 31st August before during and even after his performance, “HOBIPALOOZA” is currently trending with over 1.9 million Twitter mentions. Fans are expressing their excitement and talking about their experiences at the event.

j-hope’s Lollapalooza Performance goes down in history scoring +14.9M real-time views on Weverse with #HOBI slaying and taking over Twitter trends WORLDWIDE still at #1 with #HOBIPALOOZA + 1.9Million tweets, at #2 with #jhopeAtLollapalooza + 1M, also trending at #3 with #HOSEOK and & #BECKYG trending as well at #4

j-hope released his album last month with 2 music videos, “MORE” and “Arson” which was the album’s lead single. J-hope is the first member to release his solo project as BTS begins a new chapter of solo projects and activities.


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