BTS Teases New RUN BTS Season On The Show’s Anniversary

“1st August marks BTS’ RUN BTS! Variety show’s 7th Anniversary. BTS have just announced that the show is back and for the first time after the release, Run BTS will be avaliable on Youtube! The show has has been running for over 150 episodes. The first season of Run BTS premiered on August 1, 2015 and it was broadcasted weekly. It has been offered for free viewing on V Live since 2015 and on Weverse since 2020.

Here’s the schedule for the first show of 2022

Run BTS! 2022 Special Episode
🗓 August 16, Tuesday
➡️ Weverse, VLive : 9 PM KST
➡️ YouTube : 11 PM KST

In each episode, the band members play games or participate in a variety of activities that require them to complete challenges, and sometimes carry out secret missions, in order to earn prizes or receive punishments. The show went on a break but the members revealed during their 2022 FESTA that they would continue with the show.

Each episode of Run BTS features the members of BTS taking on activities relevant to the episode’s theme, usually in the form of games, missions or challenges, with the promise of a prize(s) if they are successful, or punishments if they fail. The members tackle each task as a group, individual teams, or on a solo basis if required. Special episodes occasionally feature non-competitive activities, such as a fashion show, skits, or drama making.

Most episodes are led by an MC, with one of the members filling the role of host for the day, and the production staff who facilitate the missions.  Jin, SUGA have served as MC’s the most while j-hope, RM and V have intermittently assumed MC duties as well. For episodes with missions that require the full group’s participation, all members act as presenters.

In th very forst episode of RUN BTS! the members presented a theme song for V app, introduced the new platform and themselves, and discussed their hopes for the show. In the season finale, BTS played games from previous episode. They did photozone and debate. Then, they reminisce old memories from the previous episode.

Some fan favorite RUN BTS! episodes


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