“Hoseok Is First To Jimin” BTS’ RM Once Said, Jimin Flew To Chicago To Watch Hobi’s Performance

“BTS’ j-hope and Jimin are the eternal room mates. They have been the members who lived together the most before they let fans know that each BTS member has their own living space in their own houses. RM joked that j-hope aka Hoseok is first to Jimin after j-hope revealed that he heard Jimin’s songs he was working on first. Each BTS member has different dynamics with each other. j-hope and Jimin. are close, he even told j-hope not to fall sick for his sake during the behind the scenes of their Grammy performance dance practice.

Jimin flew to Chicago to attend the Lollapalooza and watch j-hope’s Performance. Though it may not be the only reason as fans have been sharing that they can hear Jimin practice with j-hope at the venue. Whether they will have a set piece together during the performance or Jimin just went to support j-hope, they are making the rest of us jealous at how previous their friendship and relationship is.

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