BTS X Snickers? A Sweet Collaboration You Never Knew You Needed

“BTS is collaborating with Snickers! The limited edition wrapping will be in purple color & it will have several BTS’ song titles featured on it. The collaboration has been introduced to Southeast Asian countries such as Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam & Singapore. The limited edition Snickers bars were spotted in stores without notice or any prior announcement! The purple packaging is featuring BTS’ song lyrics and titles, such as “For You,” “Spring Day,” “Good Day”“Make It Right,” “I’m Fine, “Life Goes On,” “Save Me” “Never Mind” etc .

When BTS said they were going on a break, they really were not! It is becoming harder to keep up with what is coming next! This new chapter is running by so fast, if you blink you might miss it

Fans are sharing their excited discovery of the purple treats!

It all started with j-hope, when the music video for “Fake Love” Dropped, j-hope was laying on a lot of sneakers

And that brought a whole lot of chocolate wars! The “war” between Butterfingers, Snickers and Twix. Snickers finally won that war, they get a collab with BTS!


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