BTS j-hope On ZICO’s “Hey! Give Me A Minute” Episode

“BTS’ j-hope appeared on ZICO’s YouTube channel’ s “Hey! Give Me A Minute” episode. This is the second show that j-hope has so far appeared in after he had a duet of his song =(Equal Sign) on singer IU’s YouTube channel. ZICO (Woo Ji-ho,) is a South Korean rapper, record producer, singer and songwriter. He debuted as the leader of the boy band Block B in 2011 and made his first solo release in 2014.

j-hope reveales that he always gets nail art whenever he releases new music. For “Chicken noodle Soup” song he collaborated with Becky G, he had on chicken nail art. So fans have always been right whenever they predict that j-hope will release new music after seeing his painted nails.

j-hope even got to recreate the clip where he played the flute with his nose and ZICO joked that he should add a beat to j-hope’s flute melody.

Watcg full episode below

Bonus clip


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