BTS Are Cookbook Authors! Sample BTS’ Favorite Meals In Upcoming “BTS RECIPE BOOK” Set for Release Later This Month

“On 28th July, BTS will be releasing a cookbook inspired by the members favorite meals. If you are a true fan, you will know that the “Tannies” (BTS) love and enjoy their food. Whether it is during their RUN BTS episodes where they have hosted famous chefs, baristas and the like, on Bon Voyage, In The Soop, anywhere BTS gather really, there will always be good involved. They are usually almost all of them, in the kitchen cooking together. And they will then sit down to have thr meal together.

HYBE EDU which focuses on learning content shared a 30 second teaser of “BTS RECIPE BOOK” which showed a few pages of the recipe book featuring ingredients and recipes. Whether you love cooking or just eating, this would be the perfect gift to inspire you to try out some Korean meals.

Enjoy these moments of BTS eating together

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