BTS’ j-hope Clarified On Why One Member Missed His Album Listening Party & SUGA Updated On His Health

“BTS’ j-hope held an album listening party the day before his album “Jack In The Box” was to be released. Apart from many celebrities from the K-pop industry attending, five of the 6 BTS members attended. Jin, RM, Jung Kook and V joined j-hope in celebration. One member who’s absense was felt to the point of ARMYs looking for SUGA. j-hope later held a VLive where he explained why SUGA was unable to attend his party.

SUGA actually planned to come to the listening party. He showed me what he was going to wear and he said he was going to have makeup on, but he had a fever the day before. And he decided not to come, out of precaution”


SUGA updated on weverse, he wrote

yesterday  night i suddenly had a bit of a fever (high temperature).. ^^ i thought maybe it could be covid so i went to go get tested and couldnt attend ㅠㅠ i feel sad/regretful tooㅠㅠ thankfully right now my temperature is back to normal (t/n: no fever) so please dont worry too much~ jwehope congratulations” SUGA

j-hope went ahead and commented on SUGA’s post. He wrote

“i love you~ bro~ dont be sick~ ❤️‍🔥 (t/n: lots of aegyo)”


We wish you good health SUGA!


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