Fans Are Fully Hypnotized By BTS j-hope’s Flow In “Arson” & His New Album, Calling It “a f*ckng masterpiece”

“BTS’ j-hope did not come to play! His new album and the lead song have caught everyone’s attention. The visuals in the music video, the lyrics, and mostly what has got fans going insane over his recent release is his flow! Fans are completely blown away by how he raps in the “Arson” music video and those who have listened to the album. J-hope said he would like to try darker, raw themes in his new music and that is what he is giving the world. He changes the flow so often that you are left with your jaw literally on the floor! Jung Ho-Seok is definitely hitting the ground running and hitting the music world hard with this new album.

He was the perfect member to kick off BTS’ solo project endeavors, this new chapter for him will definitely be legendary!. Now I can only imagine what his set pieces for his performance at Lollapalooza will look like! Listen to the song again and its no lie, his flow is chef’s kiss


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  1. deedar19 says:

    😱 Oh awesome ✌️


    1. j-hope is a genius!

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