BTS j-hope’s ‘방화 (Arson)’ Official Music Video Hits The Ground!

“It is finally here! BTS j-hope’s “Arson” official music video has dropped. And it is as raw as the concept photos have been. “Arson” is the lead single off of his album “Jack In The Box” also released today 15th July 2022. j-hope talks about his ambition, and what priorities he had but now he’s changing it all. Having burnt out his past, he wishes to focus more on the now and possibly the future. He’s asking himself, should he burn it all or light up the fire still. His fears, his thoughts, they have all been ignited. j-hope says he wanted it all at first, and fame came first but now he knows less is more and is yet to decide, should he put out the flame or burn even brighter?

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