“WHERE IS YOONGI” Currently Trending With Over 13k Tweets As ARMY Can’t Spot Him at j-hope’s Album Party

“BTS’ j-hope hosted a pre release party at HYBE and the guest list was high level, from idols, actors, models among others. Even the BTS members attended and 5 of them had been spotted, RM, V, Jimin, Jungkook and Jin. Jin even updated on weverse that he was there but left early. One member, SUGA who had not been spotted is being searched for by fans. ARMY never misses any single detail, it’s always BTS is seven, if one or more is missing, they would know. Some fans have posted a low quality picture wondering whether that is him or not. Currently “WHERE IS YOONGI” is trending with over 13k Twitter mentions. And as usual, the memes are from fans looking for Yoongi are funny AF!

Could he be?


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