BTS’ j-hope’s Album Pre-released Party Was Lit! BTS Members, Singers, Rappers, Models, Actors, Graced The Occasion, Here’s What Went Down!

“BTS’ j-hope held a pre released party/ album listening party at HYBE and the list of guests is long and impressive as it was like the whole music industry came to support j-hope in his new chapter. From his own fellow band members, BTS other guests included, Jessi, Hyuna, Dawn, BIBI, Gaeko, Heize, Tiger JK, YoonMirae, ph-1, Giriboy, Taeyang, Sokodomo, Woo Wonjae, Sole (WSG Wannabe), Loco, Simon D, Kid Milli, Meenoi, Coogie, BIG Naughty, Kim YoungKwang, GroovyRoom, Peakboy, Ghstloop,BIG Naughty and Taeyang among others. The HYBE building top floor lit up and was buzizng with upbeat music.

j-hope’s album “Jack in The Box” and the lead single “Arson” will be released in a few hours on 15th July 2022! We can’t wait!

Fans are loving j-hope having fun at the party!


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