R&B Singer “Cautious Clay” Shared Clip Of BTS’ V Singing His Song During His “Drive Vlog”

“BTS V’s “Drive Vlog” did more than just entertain his fans, during his vlog series he shared hai car playlist and introduced fans to many more artists that they would have otherwise not heard . His long playlist included artists from hip-hop to classic to R&B and even blues. The artists that V listened to have been sharing their excitement and gratitude for V’s spotlight on them. One such artist is “Cautious Clay” who is an R&B singer and songwriter.

The artist shared a snippet of V singing along to his song “Swim Home” in his Vlog on his instagram account. He wrote “V from BTS singing swim home of table of context yesterday” V is really expanding fans taste in music as he shares what he likes to listen to.

Ryan Tedder, Lead Vocalist of the band One Republic also commented under the post

Check out V’s Drive Vlog Playlist


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