BTS V’s “DRIVE VLOG” Surpassed 10 Million YouTube Views Less Than 48 Hours After Being Released

“BTS V’s Drive VLOG has achieved another milestone! The 52 minutes Vlog of V sharing his day with fans has officially surpased 10 million views on YouTube. The Vlog was released on 9th July and achieved that in less than 48 hours attaining 1.7 milion likes as well. V took fans on a drive along with him, she shared his driving/car playlist, fans went with him to the dentist and had street food and restaurant meal, played golf with him and then played “This or That” game and speed guesing game where he had to guess the name of a song after it was played in fast foward mode.

The Vlog is part of BTS VLOG series where each member will be sharing how he spent his day. The series will berevelaedevwry Saturday with a different member. BTS are currently taking a break from official group activities as they focus on their own solo projects


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