American Rapper LIZZO Reacted to BTS’ V Vibing To Her Song “About Damn Time” Future Collab Would Epic!

“LIZZO reacted to BTS’ V Vibing to his song “About Damn Time” as he drove in his Drive Vlog. The over 50 minutes Vlog of V driving and sharing his day gave fans the chance to listen to his car playlist which included songs from different artists. His wide range of appreciation for music shows how much loves music and listens to all genres. One of the songs was Lizzo’s song “About Damn Time” which she recently released. BTS and LIZZO have a very great friendhip.

The two artists have met on several occasions, even hanging out at a Harry Styles concert. j-hope even said he exchanged numbers with the American artists. He has revealed that he’s a VMin (V and Jimin) bias and even sang “Butter” on BBC Radio.

She shared her excitement of V Vibing along to her song on Twitter “Wait….is this real? Is V really dancing to about time!?” She even added a hashtag with V and her name to be #VIZZO


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