Spend The Weekend With BTS’ V As He Shares His BTS VLOG’s “V DRIVE VLOG”

“Don’t ahve any weekend plans? Why not spend it with BTS’ V as he takes you on a drive. BTS have started their “BTS VLOGS” series and the first member to kick it off is V. Follow along as he drives and enjoys the scenery. V took us to the dentist and you could see how scared e was of the diagnosis given by the dentist, he even had his fists tight when the dentist was performing the procedure to fix his chipped tooth which happened the previous night when he ate ice cream. V also revealed how far he has in his album preparations saying how he wants to try different genres and wants all the songs to be “good, good, good,” He vibed to Willow Smith, Justine Beiber, Jamie Callum, Chris James, and Lizzo among other artist’s songs while driving.


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