BTS V’s “DRIVE VLOG” Surpassed 1.2 Million YouTube Views Within An Hour After Being Released

“Fans are really loving V’s driving log as the 52 minute video surpassed 1.1 million views in less than an hour. The video was released on BTS’ YouTube channel “BANGTANTV” The video ia part of BTS’ weekend VLOGS that each member will present doing different activities. It is no surprise that the videon has alraedy achieved the milestine as V is the King of fancams, so anything he releases will be immmensely loved by everyone. It is good to see the members relax and do all sorts of calming activities and basically “doing nothing” and by doing nothing means being able to not fiocus on releasing music hit after hit and attend to so many official activities, they deserve that rest after 9 years of literally running forward. Watch V’s Vlog if you have not watched it below.


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