BTS’ RM Now Has 199 KOMCA Credits, He Remains Second & Youngest Most Credited Korean Artist

“BTS’ RM extends his record as the youngest and most credited South Korean Artist under KOMCA. The main rapper, song writer, producer and composer now has 199 credits in KOMCA, after the Demos from the anthology album ‘Proof’ were added. RM has been the among the main writers in BTS since debut because of his mastery of lyrics, his poetic style, and use of different languages to create masterpieces. Their CEO now chairman of HYBE noted that the moment he met RM and heard him rap he was so impressed he had to sign him immediately.

RM has many achievements as part of BTS and also with his solo releases, his mixtape “Mono” remains the album with the most #1s on iTunes worldwide. He has written lyrics for BTS’ ls own music, their collaborations with other artists like “My Universe” he’s credited (with other members) in their hot 100 hit songs, “Butter” “Dynamite” “Life Goes On”

Celebrate by listening to his song “Persona” one of his great masterpieces

Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA) KOMCA is a South Korean non-profit copyright collective for musical works, administering public performance and broadcasting rights, and mechanical recording and reproduction rights. Copyright owners who include authors, composers, arrangers, and music publishers can join KOMCA as associate members.

Associate members who have “engaged in substantial musical creation” are promoted to full members by the board of directors. RM, SUGA and j-hope (BTS Rapline) are all full members. These members can attend and vote at the annual general meeting and can be elected to the board of directors. The board consists of 21 members elected to three-year terms of office.



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