BTS’ j-hope Revealed SUGA Already Has His Friendship Tattoo, but He Won’t Snitch Where It Is Giving Fans Restless Nights Trying To Figure It Out

“BTS’ j-hope held a VLive recently and was chatting with fans answering questions. One of the fans asked j-hope whether SUGA his bandmate got a tattoo and where it was located. j-hope replied that only SUGA would be the one to reveal where he got his friendship tattoo. Now fans are even more curios as to where the rapper’s tatoo would be. During their 2022 FESTA dinner, the members discussed where and what kind of friendship tattoo they would get. Going back and forth on its design and location, SUGA suggested a “7” on their ankles.

Despite RM being against the number tattoo, he got the “7” on his ankle, j-hope also has one placed on his ankle, Jin revealed his “7” tattoo on the lower side of his back, Jimin has the “7” tattoo which he revealed on a Weverse post, JungKook has the number “7” at the back of his ear, while V shared a picture of the letter “7” on his back debatable whether it’s real, and now j-hope has revealed that SUGA already got it but he won’t reveal where he’s letting SUGA himself show it.

Fans are now restless trying to guess where SUGA has his tatoo!

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