BTS Have Teamed Up With Google To Gift ARMYs As The Fandom Celebrates 9 Years Since It’s Inception by BTS

“ARMY (BTS’ fandom) is also celebrating 9 years of existence since it was founded by the members back in 9th July 2013. And BTS is also celebrating and honorng their loyal humongous fans with specialized messages. BTS  had collaborated with Google, from Friday 8th July fans can search for the word “BTS” on Google Search and they will unlock a beautiful surprise. When one searches either on desktop or mobile, the search results display a purple balloon (purple heart icon). 

Once you click on the purple heart icon which appears next to the BTS header on the upper left-hand side, balloons will float from the bottom of the screen with random balloons having mics in them. Once you pop the balloon or tap the balloon with the mic, the balloons explode and a graphic explodes on the screen with a special birthday voice/audio message “I Purple You” from each member.

BTS have always spoken highly of their fans, always crediting them and thanking them for their love, loyalty and support. They have always said that ARMYs raised and have grown together with them. And that is where the loyalty of the fans comes from, because the love is mutual. ARMYs give their love and devotion to BTS, and the members in turn give their love and devotion to BTS.

Even RM stated in their FESTA dinner that whenever anyone mentions BTS, ARMY is not left far behind because the two are one. And that is why the phrase “I Purple You” is synonymous with BTS and ARMY relationship, purple means loyalty and the two have the strongest unbreakable loyalty. That is why the fans are protective of BTS, because the know their artists will fight for them and always take their comments, advice, observations seriously.

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