BTS’ j-hope Shares Behind The Scenes Of The Shooting Of His “MORE” Music Video

“MORE by j-hope is his first pre release from his upcoming album “Jack In The Book” set to be released on 15th July. The song “MORE” has a dark rock vibes which the world was not ready for. In the shooting sketch, we get to see j-hope’s inputs and ideas on how to make the music video as good as it ended up being. He is specific on what he wants and will shoot a moment multiple times until he is completely satisfied with it. We also see how V ended up having a cameo in the music video.

j-hope even commented that fans would be able to pick up on V’s cameo very easily, he knows ARMY s are like detectives, nothing goes past them. In the sketch, j-hope admits that shooting a scene where he is supposed to ignore everyone is a bit hard for him. Yet he pulled off that scene so well that it was a fan favorite. He even explained that all the scenes that they shot were in the box which he opened at the beginning of the music video.

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