The BTS Behind the scenes You’ve Been Waiting For, “The Jacket Dance” at The GRAMMYS

“BTS performed their hit song “Butter” at the 2022 GRAMMYs and it was the talk of the entire world. From Jung Kook’s entrance, V’s skit with Olivia and Cad tricks, the fascinating Lazer lights show to the mind boggling Jacket Dance, BTS were the stars of the night. Intheir latest Episode on their YouTube Channel, BANGTAN TV, we go behind the scenes of their preparations leading up to the red carpet and performance.

BTS perfected the intricate dance with two members out until the last minute. j-hope and Jung Kook were recovering from COVID, while Jin still had a cast on. Jin joined the rest of the members at the last part in the performance. Until the last minute, the members practiced and went over the choreography over and over until they were satisfied with the results. But if you ask them, they’d probably say they needed to practice just one more time.

They took note of miniature details correcting as they went along, addeded comments, tried it differently until they got to the level that they wanted.

That is why BTS is the biggest band in the world, they pay attention to every little detail and work even thrice as much to give a performance that is worthy of their name.


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