“VMAN” Magazine Shared BTS V’s Behind The Scenes Preparation For His Celine Fashion Show Attendance

“BTS’ V flew to Paris to attend the Men’s Paris Fashion Week 2022 which will featured CELINE’s 2023 Menswear Collection. He was the trending topic even before the show, during and after the show. VMAN Magazine has now shared V’s behind the scenes preparation for the show. In the clip V revealed that he was invited by Hedi Slimane. The clip shows V shopping for his aurfit and he even says why he chose the outfit he wore. “I chose this outfit because I like them a lot. I think they represent Hedi’s aesthetics very well. V

Fans have always joked about V being given a modelling gig. Now he’s attended a high fashion runway event so it’s only a matter of time. Now that the members of BTS are focusing on personal projects for now, it will be interesting to see if modelling is something that V might pursue.


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