BTS’ j-hope Pens Letter to “KAWS” Thanking Him For His Collaboration On His Upcoming Album “Jack In The Box”

“BTS’ j-hope has always been a fan and appreciator of KAWS, whose an artist that creates original works and recreates famous figurines. j-hope has always shown his love for the art by always sharing his collection of KAWS. He recently dropped a pre release music video for his song “MORE” and fans already noticed that the cover for the song was designed by KAWS.

In a recent Instagram post, j-hope shared some photos with the artist and posing with the KAWS figurines in what looks like a museum. They are also pulling a large KAWS figurines that might be a gift to j-hope. He wrote a letter thanking the artist for collaborating with him for the covet of his upoming album. The album will be released on 15th July . In the letter, he wrote,

I’ve got some important news about this album that I wanted to share with you. And it’s none other than! I got to work on the album cover with KAWS, the great artist who I love and respect so much!! I’ve always had a special place in my heart for him, so this project is that much more meaningful and a huge honor for me. I want to say once again how thankful I am to KAWS who I now get to call both my great friend and colleague. I hope you all look forward to our cover art for Jack In The Box!!!!!

j-hope also thanked those who collaborated and made the album what it was and will be


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