BTS’ j-hope Is Now “Jack” Just as SUGA is “AgustD” Now Fans Want A Meeting Of The Two Alter EGOS! On a Track!

“BTS’ j-hope’s new sound is addictive! its different! it hits hard! with the release of “More” ARMY is no longer calling j-hope hobi, he’s now “Jack” his alter ego for his upcoming solo career. His “Jack In The Box” album promises to be something the world has never seen or even expected from the rapper who has always been the epitome of sunshine, sugar and spice and everything nice and rainbows. Don’t get me wrong, none of that has changed, he is still all the above but now he has taken up a new whole aura and persona that is out of this world incredible. Now fans are turned on by this new persona and would like a collaboration between “Jack” and the other bold out of this world persona, “AgustD”

Now just imagune if those two were to collaborate on a track, the world would be in beautiful shambles and many fans are sending prayers above that, that would be a possibility in j-hops’s (I mean Jack’s 😉) new album “Jack In The Box” but would we be ready if that was to happen?

This conversation says it all, it is no longer “Hobi” but “Jack”

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