OG BTS ARMYs Reminisce “back in my days” When Forehead Reveal Was All It Took To Cause Chaos In The Fandom, Now New ARMYs Get Everything They Want

“BTS’ chapter 2 has started off on a high hot note. BTS as idols have always strived to be different in terms of their music and even personal lives. As artists in their music, they have proven that you do not need nudity to sell music. The only skin reveal that most fans saw was when BTS debuted and Jimin was the one showing off his abs in a certain dance move for their “No More Dream” music video. Then came “Fake Love” and Jung Kook took over the abs reveal in that certain dance move.

Other than that, any accidental skin reveal was always covered with BTS’ BT21 characters. And it was not even a long while ago that Chimmy or RJ or Cooky or Koya (BT21 characters) were used to censer any ‘nudity’ (tummy, because shirt lifted up or member jumped.)

Come 2022 and the FESTA dinner happens and BTS are starting a new chapter and it’s like it’s a completely 360 degree turn or as SUGA so rightfully put, acceleration from 0-100! ARMY got V, Jimin, and Jin all in their chest or tummy or back revealed. They literally broke the Twitter sphere when fans stumbled upon such teasers of the new chapter.

Fans always complained that they acted like Victorian men who saw a ladies’s ankles for the first time whenever an accidental flash of any BTS member’s flesh happened, and now fans are getting those almost ‘illegal’ pictures for free.

OG ARMYs are now saying the new ARMYs cannot relate to such perks that they would have done anything including messaging BigHit for that “Hobi forehead” hairstyle or something. Back then even Jung Kook changing his hair color was a swoon worthy moment necessitating chaos and sudden howls and barks, because, ‘what the hell happened, Jungkook in blonde hair!” Good times!

Herevare some hilarious reactions from OG ARMY (2013 – 2018 around or over those years)

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