BTS’ j-hope Releases Concept Photos 1 for His Solo Album’s “Jack In The Box” First Single “More” With a Dark Theme

“BTS j-hope’s first ever solo album will be released on 15th July 2022. The first concept photos for his album’s first single “MORE” are out and ARMYs were not ready. The concept photos have a dark theme. j-hope wearing all black posing in bold looks and facial features that are the opposite of what fans have come to know as j-hope. j-hope has always been known as the rainbow, sunshine eternally happy colorful idol. Colors of the rainbow are what surrounded him as the aura was always that of brightness.

These new concept photos are bolder and darker with an edge that says ‘you’re not ready for this’. j-hope did say in his Weverse magazine interview for “Proof” that he wanted to try more darker themes in his music. And he is just doing exactly that. Now fans cant wait for his new music and what vibes it will bring. In one of the photos, j-hope is rocking a piercing that is above the bridge of his nose, a double piercing that fans have mixed feelings about.

j-hope was the only member who did not have any ear pirceings because he did not like the pain. All through their performances, he would wear stick ons, but now a double sided piercing? The man has come from far and truly chapter two seems to be very interesting and intense!


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