BTS’ V Occupies The Top 5 Worldwide Trends, “TAEHYUNG TAEHYUNG” With Over 1.37 Million Tweets, As Fans Wait For His Appearance at CELINE’s 2023 Menswear Fashion Show

“When it was reported that V was to attend the finale of Men’s Paris Fashion Week 2022 which will feature CELINE’s 2023 Menswear Collection, fans have been anticipating his appearance. V shared pictures of his trip, from being in the airplane, landing in Paris, enjoying dining out, and even playing basketball. D-Day is now here and many fans have camped outside the show venue waiting for his arrival. As a result, V has taken over the top 5 Twitter trends as fans look forward to seeing him, whether physically at the venue or online.

V is trending #1 worldwide with #TAEHYUNGXCeline, otherelateded keywords are #TaeyhungInParis, “SO EXCITED FOR TAEHYUNG”, “TAEHYUNG TAEHYUNG” trending with over 1.37 million tweets and “KIM TAEHYUNG AT CELINE SHOW”


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