BTS’ Jung Kook Attended “Seventeen’s” Concert & Hang Out With The Band Backstage

“Now that BTS members are not attending to official group schedules, they are taking the time to rest and enjoy their free time. V is attending the Celine Fashion show in Paris, RM had been to Switzerland, j-hope and SUGA hanged out at the HYBE museum, Jimin and j-hope even got to attend a football match. Today Jung Kook Attended Seventeen’s Concert. Seventeen are under HYBE Lables but their management is Pledis. Seventeen’s Twitter account shared the photos or Jung Kook changing out with the members. Jung Kook had earlier shared on his Instagram stories the venue before the concert began.

It is good to see the members focusing on doing things that they enjoy and not worrying about tight official schedules at the moment. BTS announced their break from public schedules or events but are still working together as they more so focus on themselves. j-hope kicked off their solo album releases as his will be coming out on 15th July


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