BTS’ Jin Causing Twitter Meltdown Trending Worldwide After Showing Off His Friendship Tattoo, Shirtless! “EXCUSE ME SIR!” ARMYs Feel Beautifully Attaked

“BTS’ Jin recently shared a series of photos on his Instagram account. I. One of those photos he posted than he was also sharing his friendship tatoo. The BTS members had shared during their 2022 FESTA dinner that they would get friendship tatoos and even debated on where and what to tatoo. So far RM, JungKook, j-hope, SUGA and Jimin were the ones who already had one so Jin is the latest one. To show off his tatoo he shared two pictures of him shirtless showing his back since the tatoo is on his lower back on the side. The tatoo is a 7 jus like all the members have. After theimages hit the Twitter sphere, fans are going all feral seeing Jin’s bare back.

BTS Chapter 2 is turning up to be really hot! Seems like it’s be a no buttons, chest out affair. BTS never really sho off their skin and if they do it’s usually sneak peaks or the accidental shirt being lifted which the label adds BT21 characters to hide the nakedness. Now fans are seeing more skin, Jimin’s photo on his Weverse magazine causes complete chaos whenit dropped, V decided to tease fans with his open shirt exposing his chest and tummy, it keeps getting better and better 😁

As a result of those photos “SEOKJIN” and “EXCUSE ME SIR” are currently trending as fans reaxt to the rare pics of Jin’s naked back.

RM commented under Jin’s post

“ah, I was surprised” RM

“thought you weren’t wearing bottoms as well” RM

Jin responxed “That would be a criminal offense!”

j-hope laughed and said “holy moly”

BTS chapter 2 is definitely HOT?!


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