Could These Be The Names Of BTS j-hope’s Tracks On His New Album “Jack In The Box?

“BTS’ j-hope just announced his upcoming album called “Jack in The Box” that will be out in July. BTS have always been working and whenever they release music whether it be singles or albums there will always be connections to the past. What they talked about, said, where they went or what they do. There is always a connection just like the storylines on their albums. j-hope released the full length song “Blue Side” last year and on the cover the art work was several drawings, words, and art work. Now that j-hope has announced the released of his new solo album “Jack In The Box” there seems to be something that we can theorize on.

What stood up the most on the cover of the song “Blue Side” was the drawing of a literally jack in the box image which is now the title of his new album. The next clue is the words written on that cover.

The artwork and words written on the artwork for his song “Blue Side” could be some of the titles on his new album. We are yet to know more details about the lead track or the number of songs, therefore the words could be all or some of the titles on the album.

Here are the words or titles that appear on the cover of his song “Blue Side” that may or may not be included on his album.

Want to hold you


-Want to hold you


-I am singing Blues


-In My Arms

-Back to the Blue Side

-Singing my Bloom


-In My Blue Dream


-Back In My Room

Pandoras Box

Blue Moon

But then again, sometimes something’s do not even relate to the other. The biggest surprise was the BTS’ “Butter” single teasers and clips that ended up having nothing at all to do with the song itself. Still everything is always connected so in the future the things that were released now will tend to appear on the things that will be in future. Trust BTS to always keep ARMY guessing and hard at work.


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