BIGHIT MUSIC Annouces BTS j-hope’s First Solo Album “Jack In The Box”

“BTS’ j-hope is the first member to release a solo album. BIGHIT Music annoubced the totle and release dates for the rapper’s upcoming album. The album is titled “Jack In The Box” During BTS 2022 FESTA Dinner the members revealed that they would be doing solo projects and releasin albums as individual s in this new chapter as a band. “I think we should spend some time apart to learn how to be one again. I hope you don’t see this as a negative thing, and see it as a healthy plan. I think BTS will become stronger that way.” j-hope had said during the dinner. All the members are working on their album and even have the release dates. “Jack In The Box” will be j-hope’s first full album as the other that he released back in 2018 was a mixtape. BIGHIT MUSIC BTS’ label annouced through Weverse platform. the preleleased tracks will be on 1st July but the full album will drop on 15th July. The statement read in full,



We would like to announce the release of “Jack In The Box,” j-hope’s solo album. BTS has turned the page on their new chapter, throughout which the members will harmoniously carry out their group and individual activities. j-hope will be the first member of BTS to start this new journey and release his solo album.

j-hope’s solo album, as expressed in the title of the album “Jack In The Box,” represents his aspirations to break the mold and grow further.

Starting with his pre-released track to be released on July 1st, diverse content to show j-hope’s creative identity as an artist will be introduced. Please stay tuned and we will continue to provide you with more details on the album.

We hope that you look forward to “Jack In The Box” and send j-hope your love and support as he takes his first step as a solo artist.

Pre-released track release date: 1 PM, Friday, July 1, 2022 (KST)

Full tracks release date: 1 PM, Friday, July 15, 2022 (KST)

Thank you.

CONGRATULATIONS j-hope and we wish you all the best in your new beginning!


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