“TANGLED UP IN YOUR BED” Currently Trending As BTS ARMYs Are Dazed Over Jung Kook’s Line In His New Collab Song

“The Twitter sphere is heated with total excitement. Apart from celebrating BTS’ Jung Kook and Charlie Puth’s latest collab song “Left and Right” which is out on all platforms. ARMY’s are especially head over heels in love and dazed over Jung Kook’s line in the song. In verse 2 Jung Kook sings “[Verse 2: Jungkook], Ever since the.. day you..went away, (No, I don’t know how), How much more do I gotta drink for the pain?, (What ya gon’ do now?), You do things to me that I can’t forget, (Ure all I think about), All the nights we were tangled up in your bed” Fans cant get over the line “All the nights we were tangled up in your bed” the part is givning fans Jung Kook’s verse in Savage Love remix” where he sang “I dont give two fucks…”

BTS generally do not curse especially when they are doing group songs so any time a curse word makes its way to any of the memmbers’ lips, especially the vocalists, it’s wild! Fans are excited, endeared, ‘shooketh’ but mostly loving that part and excitedly welcoming BTS’ second chapter. Watch the new music video out now!

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