“Left and Right” by Charlie Puth feat. BTS’ Jung Kook Dethrones “Break My Soul” by Beyonce To Hit #1 on US iTunes!

“And as expected Charlie Puth’s “Left and Right” featuring Jungkook has achieved #1 on US iTunes taking the number 1 spot fron Beyoncé’s “Break my Soul”, after surpassing Kate Bush and Taylor Swift on the charts. The song ahs been long anticipated as Charlie has been dropping some hints that ARMY caught on and when it was finally confirmed, fans had been waiting for it to finally drop. The song took the second position a few hours after being released and it was only a matter of time befire “Left and Right” took its rightful place at the top.

Jung Kook and Charlie Puth have perfoemed together duriong the 2018 MGM awards where they sand “We don’t talk anymore” The song has already reached #1 on iTuned in 40 regions. The fastest song by a Korean artist to hit 100 iTunes was Jimin’s “For You” which achived that less that 5 hours after release even beating their own band’s song “Butter” BTS whether, together as a group or as solo artists keep breaking and setting new records, so the song is still new and we will definitely see many more records being added.

BTS are currently focusing on their solo projects and they will not be having any new official group projects as they rest up and recharge to focus on their own opersonal needs. Jung Kook has already opned their solo careers activities and j-hope will be the next member kicking off this new chapter of BTS as he will be performing at Lollapalooza come Jult 31st 2022.

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