BTS’ Jung Kook Surpassed 2 Million Twitter Mentions & Still Trending at #1 After Release Of His Collaoration Song With Charlie Puth

“The world is atill talking about the new song that as just hit streaming sites. “Left and Right” by Charlie Puth and featuring BTS’ Jung Kook is still trending as fans of both artists listent to the new track. BTS’ Jung Kook has surpassed over 2 Million tweets while continuing to trend #1 worldwide after the release of the song Left And Right. Jung Kook trending has become a regular occurence and the youngest member of BTS always finds himself trending at any given moment but most especially when it comes to his music. Fans are loving his vocals in the song and a prrticular line on the song has fans going gaga over it.

“jungkook” is currently trending and has so far reached 2.05 million tweets and still counting as the fans gush over him and his latest collab song. Other keywords trending with his name include “JUNGKOOKIE” “LeftandRight” “Left&Right” is currently having 1.9 million tweets.

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