BTS’ V Said “ARMYs are not funny” Now ARMY is Hilariously Bringing Out Receipts To Show Just How “Not Funny” The Fandom is

“BTS’ V recently went on Weverse, a platform that celebrities chat with their fans on a personal level and had a great time talking with ARMYs and answering their questions or commenting on their posts. He talked about various things from what he’s doing in his spare time which he said watching YouTube videos png other things. In one those chatting sessions, a fan asked him who was more funny, BTS or ARMYs and V responded saying “ARMY is not funny”

Now that V had declared that, fanssought to show V just how funny the can beby shring ARMY tweets, memes and clips all by ARMY. And when I say they are hilarious, omeam, they are HILARIOUS! I hadly made it through posting some of them as I was hold-your-tummy-ribs-hurt laughing on the floor. The responses to some questions or comments are what get you. There are dark humor, straight up comedy, cringy humor but overall funny humor! So V, here are reasons why ARMYs are the funniest fandom out there

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