BTS V’s “Yet to Come” and “For Youth” MCOUNTDOWN Fancams Have Combined Total of 3.3 Million Views In Just One Day

“BTS’ V has once again cemented his tittle for the “King of Fancans” BTS performed “Yet to come” their lead single off of their new anthology album “Proof” and “For Youth” another new single on the same album on MCOUNTDOWN. This was the first time they were performing on music shows after nearly 2 years. The Fancams were shared on the same day and V’s Fancams for both songs surpased 1.3 million each. “Yet to Come” has 1.9 million views while “For Youth” has 1.3 million views.

BTS will now be focussing on their solo projects which they are already working on. They will still have group activities but will not be releasing any new singles, albums or concerts and tours as BTS for a while.

“Yet to Come” fancam

“For Youth” fancam

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