One Lucky Tatoo Artist Gets His Name Permanently Etched On BTS Jung Kook’s Arm, He Reveals New Art Work Done On The Vocalist’s Tattoos

“Fans have now gotten a full view and even more details of JungKooks full arm tatoos. Jung Kooks tatooes’ journey has come full circle from the days he first got them and had to wear gloves while broadcasting, in live shows he had to bandage them up or wear a cast to now having them on full display. A tatoo artist has shared on his Instagram page photos of the art work he has done on Jung Kook’s arm. He covered some older tatoos like the eye and added an intricate art work. The mic that was black and white and the tiger Lily have now been colored in to add bright colors. Jung Kool also added BTS’ number “7” friendship tatoo that the members discussed they would get.

Jung Kook also added a new snake tatoo and art work that reads “Winners never Quit” and “Bullet Proof” The tatoo artist wrote a long detailed letter detailing how he worked with Jung Kook to decide on the designs, and his appreciation at the global artist allowing and trusting him to tatoo his arm.

At the end of the letter Jung Kook responded with a comment of his own

The best part of this story is that the tatoo artist’s name now sits prodly as part of Jung Kook’s many tatoos on his arm. That is like the best autograph only that it is permanently etched on Jung Kook’s arm as a reminder that he did a great job and Jung Kook loves the art. He wrote

Thankfully I was able to do a coverup work on Jung Kook’s tattoos, a member of BTS. Before starting the work I made sure that I had enough conversation with him and looked up close one by one at the composition and the quality so we know the parts that need to be supplimented and covered up.”

He went on to add

Many people who come to me out a lot of meaning into the drawings and it was the same for JungKook too. Because art is not something that could be loved by everyone, some may not favor the work but I tried my best to work as a tattooist great enough to cover up the arms of the world class artist, paying attention to every little detail..”

He spoke of his gratitude to Jung Kook for being satisfied with his work on him

I really enjoyed working on them and I would like to thank Jung Kook again for being satisfied with the cover up work done by me. I’ll do my best for the rest of the work to make sure the nickname on his arm would be left with a good meaning for both off us.”

He finished off the long letter with ..

Lastly thank you for your generous comments on the brand that I prepared with two years of hard work. I will always be rooting for Jung Kook. Thank you :)” polyc_sj (tatoo artist)

BTS’ Jung Kook responded on the post writing,

“Thank you 🙂 you’re the best!!!” Jung Kook

Fans are loving the new tatoos and praising the tatoo artist

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