BTS Jung Kook’s Latest VLive Was More Than Just a Mini Concert for ARMY, It Impacted Greatly on HYBE Financially

“When BTS held their annual FESTA dinner they spoke of starting solo projects and focusing on their own individuality and will once again meet as BTS much stronger and better. Unfortunately many news media outlets reported insinuating that BTS were disbanding. This had a great financial impact on HYBE (BTS and others artists’ management company) The stock price of HYBE, which had been weak until the morning of the 16th, began to rebound sharply on the wrong news that BTS was suspending group activities.

BTS’ Jung Kook held a VLive and started off by saying that

BTS has no intention of disbanding, and I don’t think you need to worry about that. Again, I hope that there is no mmisundersting, BTS is forever

Jung Kool singing “RUN BTS!”

The VLive lasted for 1 hour and 35 minutes as he also sang song requests by fans. From BTS songs to members solo hits like “That That” and “Super Tuna” to Internationa and Korean artists’ songs. Jungkook’s vlive garnered almost 8M views in real-time as people around the globe literally ran to watch his live stream. He trended in a total of 90 countries at #1 Worldwide and in the U.S.

According to K-media as soon as Jung Kook went live, HYBE’s stock price started rising sharply since the afternoon of the 16th. HYBE’s share price rose 7.59% as of 1:43 p.m. on the 16th. Source

Jung Kook’s Impact on businesses is not news anymore, the youngest member of BTS has made items to sell out that one time he had to complain that he could not get his favorite softener and another time he could not get his favorite lemon flavored Kombucha as fans had bought out everything. His impact caused the company to have over 1,800/% profit increase and was even awarded and had to increase its imports to many more countries.

It is not a surprise that the stock price would sky rocket back again after Jung Kook mentioned and clarified that BTS were going nowhere, knowing his impact, the individuals or groups would probably have faith again in the stocks.

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