Comedian and TV Host Trevor Noah Found Himself On The Receiving End Of ARMYs Disappointment of Some American TV Hosts

“The topic of BTS’ decision to concentrate on their own projects before coming back together as a group is a sensitive one seeing how some media portrayed it like the members were disbanding. So it is no surprise that some fans would feel some type of way about The Daily show TV Host Trevor Noah making light comments of the reports. In the clip shared on the show’s Twitter page, Trevor Noah spoke about some other groups “sliding in to take BTS’ spot as they are on a ‘hiatus’. Most of the comments from the fans talk of being disappointed that the host did not do enough research to know the whole story behind the news spreading that “BTS is on a Hiatus” and using BTS to introduce another group.

Trevor Noah hosted the 2022 Grammys and even got to interact with BTS on several occasions so on his part I don’t think he would have said anything negative about the situation. It was probably from all the news that was spreading around like fire but the fans feel like he should have done more research about the situation before making comments lika that.

The comments from some of the fans

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