BTS’ V Caused an Internet Meltdown & Breakdown, Here’s Why He’s Trending #1 Worldwide On Twitter

“Kim Taehyung, aka V of BTS decided to literally cause a mega melt down in the fandom world. On his Instagram page, V posted 2 simple mirror selfies in the outfits that they would perform in during their comeback stage on MCoundown. The outfits were minimalist but what has fans searching for fans is the first photo which gives a glimpse of V’s chest all the way to his tummy. It’s just a slit of the open shirt but just that was enough to have the member trending worldwide causing a breakdown and meltdown and did I mention break down?

Is this the chapter 2 he was talking about? One fan wondered. Well, V is the king of social media and usually breaks the internet orpretty much any social platform he finds himself in. He once broke Weverse, he broke Instagram at some point, just the everyday life of Kim Taehyung on social media.

V has always been a tease, especially on Instagram, posting and then deleting at the speed of lightning, but ARMY is of course always faster to screen shot, gotta have those receipts, for when you’re standing before a judge explaining why you were acting out of character after a BTS member posts.

V trended at #1 worldwide as the internet could not handle his hotness. Even verified accounts had to talk about V!

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