BTS’ RM Defends ARMYs From External Narratives Of Fans Being ‘Dramatic’ After Their “FESTA 2022 Bangtan Dinner”& Clarifies On Important Details That Should be The Main Takeaways From The Gathering

“BTS’ RM wrote a heartfelt contemplative letter to his fans talkibg about everything tha has been going around the web regarding their 2022 FESTA dinner whee the members celebrated their pasts and talked about their future after their “Proof” anthology album release. RM mentioned about the stories that had been conjured about their candid talked about their future as solo artists. As with any media, news is usually conjured up to fit a certain narrative or give directio to it’s readers. Most of the time media, in terms of whether online or in physical copies will always have a headline that hooks the reader, despite the details being misinterpreted or deliberately twisted to catch the viewer/reader.

In the letter posted on Weverse, RM somewhat showed his disappointment and sadness at how one vulnerable moment in their “Bangtan Dinner” video was used to form assumptions around what the members meant as they spoke their deepest emotions.

RM also defended their fans (ARMY) from all the naysayers who were talking about the fans being over dramatic. He wrote how the fanbass have been with them for close to 10 years and they are an important aspect of BTS as a whole. Read the full letter below

After the video was aired yesterday, I received the most messages since the day of our debut. I noticed many of the articles, screen shots and such were titled with charged keywords like “disbandment” “stopping acitivites” and “announcement” etc. It’s not that I didn’t see this coming, nor can I say that I wasn’t ready to see (the headlines) but I cannot deny that it didn’t feel good and it wasn’t exactly our intent for people to pick apart a video where we were spilling tears and pouring out our hearts…”

“…the video was intended as is in its name “bangtan team dinner” solely dedicated to our ARMY who were joining us in celebration of nine years of our debut. I understand that there could be comments from outsiders like, they’re being dramatic, oh they’re only saying that because they’re successful… but what artists, what fans would have come this far, nearing 10 whole years of they hadn’t weathered those comments. There has to be something special between us, bangtan and ARMY to have shared nearly 10 years without pause.”

Faced with the questions, we’ve expressed this exact sentiment in countless hundres of interviews, it’s not easy to describe in a few word. In any case what we shared (in the video) was a confession of sorts, a response to all our fans who, through all this time gave us their (everything) without asking for a single thing in return.”

“As those of you who watches the video may know, the title “Yet to Come” suggests that this… This moment is not the end, this as exactly as it is, was what we wanted to say

Seeing the screenshot of me, crying my eyes out, being shared and shared again, it even made me think, maybe I shared too much, I should have (stayed quiet), it appears that my attempt at sharing honesty became the root of too much misunderstanding and chaos.”

The main point of what I would like to share is, we were not trying to make some claim that 2 equals 1. We opened our hearts, mustered the courage to tell you that 1 still equals 1, the walked you through the honest feelings that we felt through the process. I have complete confidence, no doubt, that our ARMYs….who know us will absolutely have the heart to understand exactly what we say, as we say it. Everything we said in the video was shared as it was exectly intended to be.”

“As JungKook and Taehyung both shared, as on VLive, we’ve always candidly discussed our long term future as BTS, of course we had our own disagreements, but we were kids in our teens and twenties learning to mature and live among others for the first time. I understand this letter may be perceived as making another fuss, and I fear I may be another person adding fuel to the fire of noise. I wanted to set the record straight, as the person who is responsible for sharing the most (that night) I want to thank every single one of you who watched the video and shared your positive support and love, whether from close by or far away.”

“Whether it may be as a team or as an individual, I will work hard to show you (real) growth. Thank you” RM

Seeing RM regrettingbwing that open hurts because, he and all the members did not have to share andopen up like they did. They could have just has their 9ty anniversary dinner, laughed, reminisced on their past experiences and wish each other the best for the next anniversary. But BTS have always been transparent in everything that they do, whether it’s sharing their joy and sadness or asking advice from their fans, they have always kept it real and open.

Seeing his ad BTS’ raw emotions being hanged up to try isnot something any real fan would look forward to. We hope that this experience will not keep him or BTS from continuing to share intimate details of their lives, because it is this oppeneness and vulnerability that keeps ARMYs coming back and staying with BTSto close to all those 10 years.

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