BTS’ Jin Explains That Seeing ARMY’s Reactions Helps Him Communicate With Them & j-hope

“BTS’ Jin sat down with Weverse magazine for an interview and reminisced on their concerts in Las Vegas and the Grammys. He pointed out that he was grateful to j-hope for the words that he spoke about him. As Jin had injured his hand and had surgery, he could not perform in some performances. He also talked about how everything he does is for and because of ARMY

The way you continued to play your part at the concerts in many different ways, even after sustaining an injury, seems to have left a deep impression. j-hope showed the enormous amount of respect he has for the positive influence you have on the group during the concert.

Jin: As he said, I tried my very best to miss as little as possible at the concert, despite my injury. But what I’m really thankful to Hobi for and makes me feel bad is—the fact is, I wasn’t really in the performance, so I didn’t really deserve that kind of respect, but I’m so grateful that he complimented me and said nice things about me. I always knew j-hope was a really good guy, but this once again reminded me of the fact. The fact that he understood my situation and praised me for working hard anyway made me feel sorry and thankful at the same time.

I’m sure the birthday event ARMY held for you during the LA concert was one of them.

Jin: Of course! That event was something I could experience entirely thanks to everything we’ve done as a team to make it where we are today. I was seriously moved in a way I have never been before. Honestly, where else could you experience something so touching? 50,000 people, all singing happy birthday, and the man of the hour is me. It was like being the protagonist in a novel. And to think, when we debuted, I thought it would be so nice just to have a concert in front of 3,000 people.

Then how do you know when the right timing is?

Jin: “Super Tuna” was never planned out—I just wanted to try going fishing with BUMZU, and we decided to make a song while we were at it. It was originally a spontaneous song. It was just something we did to pass the time, you know? But even if I originally make something just to pass the time, once ARMY reacts to that, it’s not a time-killer anymore—now it’s something I do for fun. I think seeing ARMY’s reactions helps me communicate with them.

Sometimes you put on big events that you and ARMY can do together, like the “Super Tuna” challenge, as a result of the way you communicate with them. What led you to realize you could do such events by communicating with them?

Jin: I think it was when we were first able to communicate directly, which was once Weverse opened up. There were always difficulties when trying to communicate one-on-one before that. I started to find it a little more fun once Weverse launched. Because I can get accurate feedback directly from a person. And Weverse is a space that only ARMY uses, and I know that they’re trying to share only good things with us there. It makes me feel more grateful and it’s more fun.

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