BTS House’s Contract With HYBE Is Ending, What’s Next For the Seven Members Of Bangtan?

“BTS released the last content for their 2022 FESTA which was a bangtan dinner. Jin, SUGA, RM, j-hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook started off chatting about old memories about the house they were having the dinner in which happened to be one of their old houses they lived in. They reminisced on the moments that they shared as trainees and went on to talk about their experiences living together. They then started talking about how differently each person lived now that they were living in their own houses.

RM finally revealed that their house contract was ending (the house they all used to live in from their trainee days) and they were there to collect their stuff that was still there. They announced that they would soon be taking a break. The break is not like the one they took before their concert. The break will be indefinate as they will each be focussing on their own solo works and projects.

Each of the member has an album and songs they are preparing for, with j-hope being the first member to release his solo album. They even have songs that they will be working on together like Jin and SUGA though it will not be as part of BTS but solo artists. V, Jung Kook, Jin and even RM are already working on their solo projects.

They each spoke on why it was important that they now focus on their individuality as they grow to become better people, that when they do get back together as BTS, they will be even better, more mature and stronger.

At the end each person spoke their last words about their experience and how they will spend the time alone, and just thoughts about them going their separate ways for whatever time it will take. j-hope had already been teary eyed and ended up shedding a few tears as he spoke with members urging him not to cry

RM crying as he spoke in the end was the hardest part of his speech and as much as the members tried to hold it in, they couldn’t, SUGA kept telling him not to cry as he will make him cry, Jung Kook couldn’t hold it in. It felt like an emotional goodbye even though they promise it is not the end. SUGA even clarified that BTS was not disbanding, just taking time off.

RM revealed that they would still keep their variety show “RUN BTS!” as it is their own and they would like to still have something that they’ve created over the years.

BTS have been together close to 10 years with some even more than that, and they have given it their all when it came to performing, music, lifestyle and overall existence. Their impact in the world has been one that has never been seen before and might not be seen again. They have brought the world together with fans being from various regions, nationalities, geographies, religion, sexual orientation, color and everything in between.

With all their success, they have remained humble and never changed from the hardworking, passionate individuals they have been from the start.

Their song “Yet to Come” was really a message of the plans that they had of taking time off to work on their selves and come back together whenever they are ready.

Wherever and whenever BTS land will definitely be a success, as we wait for their return as BTS, we wish them nothing but the best, good health and happines. Whatever decision they make after this time apart, we will support them as they have been a very important aspect of our lives, whether you started the journey with them in 2013 or you’ve just met them after their comeback, they are part of ARMY for life.

Watch BTS’ last dinner with ARMY

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