BTS ARMYs Very Relatable Reactions To HYBE’s Clarifying Statement About BTS’ “Hiatus,” A Misunderstanding?

“BTS ARMYs (BTS fans) have Ben going through the dive stages of grieving several hours after the members of BTS revealed that they would be focusing on individual projects and will not be functioning as BTS for the unforeseeable future. Many fans had been heart broken, sada and overall just in a state of shock finding out the news. Fans have been writing tweets about how they would patiently wait for BTS, counting on the video of the members dinner how they are proud of the members and will support them in whatever decision they make.

A few minutes ago there was news that HYBE (BTS’ music label management) had issued a statement saying that BTS would not be going on a “Hiatus” but will only be focusing on their solo projects from now on. While some fans are confused, there are those who are somewhat mad, maybe relived or not having different sentiments from the time the ‘hiatus’ announcement was made.

One fan is even demanding that HYBE return all the tears they cried after the announcement. Either way the company’s timing of the announcement to clarify what was going on was a very weird timing, most people don’t even know what to do with that information. Here are a few of the reactions

HYBE’s alleged statement

The reactions from fans

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