BTS ARMYs React to BTS’ ‘Indefinite’ Hiatus, “We Will Wait For You”

“In a happy but tear filled confession, BTS have revealed that they would be taking time off from the group BTS to focus more on their individual projects and finding themselves. The members spoke about feeling sorry to their fans and feeling guilty wanting to take time off. RM even worries that they’d be letting down people’s expectations and felt unsettled about it. But they spoke about needing the time to kind of recharge, build thselves individually to even have a better BTS when they find their way back to each other. All the members, as usual, worried about ARMY but V dispelled the fears saying that he knows 90% of their fans will support them.

And he was right. As much as the fans feel sadness and a bit of heart break, most accept BTS’ decision and support them wholly and promise to wait for the members, Jin, SUGA, RM, j-hope, Jimin, V and Jung Kook. Fans expressed their true feelings to that announcement and were positive that BTS would find their own way back to each other and even be the best versions of themselves. Here are a few emotional thoughts and reactions from the fans

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