“Proof” is a special album that wraps up Chapter 1 of BTS’ story as we face our 9th anniversary of our debut” BTS’ RM, Members Share What Their New Album Means To Them

“BTS’s new album “Proof” is about to be released to the world in a few minutes. The members spoke about how they perceive the new album. “Proof” is a three-CD anthology album that will feature three brand-new songs alongside many of the group’s past hits. The album is a celebration in itself as BTS will be celebrating their 9th anniversary come June 13th. The album is like a story of their past, meets present and moves onto the future. Here is what the members had to say about their new album

“I always get nervous when we release a new song for the first time. I hope many people like it. BTS “Proof” is a special album that wraps up Chapter 1 of BTS’s story as we face our 9th anniversary of our debut. As the focus is our message for our fans who have been together with us for the past nine years, we paid the most attention to our lyrics.” RM

“Because ‘Proof’ is an album that encapsulates BTS’s history, it keeps bringing to mind different memories from the past nine years. I myself will be listening to it often. Because there are new songs & unreleased songs, fans will be able to enjoy listening to it as well.” Jin

“Because it’s an album that encapsulates BTS’s history, we paid careful attention to how the songs were organized on the album. If you listen to the album starting from the first track, there’ll be a certain fun in listening to it [in order].” It’s an honor to be able to capture our journey of the past nine years in this new album ‘Proof.’ I hope that those listening to the album will follow and walk along with our footprints one more time.” SUGA

“Because it’s our first time releasing an album in a long while, I’m excited and overjoyed. I want to enjoy [the album] together with our fans as quickly as possible. ‘Proof’ is an album that summarizes the biography of BTS & ARMY, & it’s all the more special because our memories and time together are captured in it,” he continued. “Since [the album] contains BTS’s soul, I hope you’ll give it lots of love.” j-hope

“Because it’s our first new album in a long time, I feel happy and strange at the same time.“It’s a particularly special album because it contains our past title tracks as well as unreleased songs. I felt that it was all the more special because [working on the album] allowed me to peruse the other members’ emotions as well as my own, and because we were able to talk about them together.” Jimin

“As it’s an album that captures our journey of the past nine years, I sincerely hope that it will become a precious gift for the fans who have always cheered us on and have made history for us.” V

“It feels like we’ve been writing a really thick book & are now finishing it. Just like we’ve always done with our albums, we paid attention to all aspects while working on it. Proof does a good job conveying BTS’s story up until now, as well as our current feelings.” Jung Kook


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