BTS’ “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment) Official Music Video Finally Released

“It’s here ARMY! The comeback we have been all waiting for! Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment) finally drops! BTS are celebrating 9 years since they officilaay became a band on 13th June 2013. To celebrate that milestone, they are releasing an anthology album that will feature a selection of their older releases some of which they specifically chose to be included in the new album.

The album will have three new tracks with “Yet To Come ( The Most Beautiful Moment) being the lead single.

The music video teaser had a nostalgic feel with images portraying moments from music videos like “Idol” and “Spring Day” and now the official music video is exceeding all expectations as it brings vibes of a hit song that will be ageless and unforgettable.

The music video takes us through various scenes from their earlier music videos, like the yellow bus from their debut single “No More Dream”, the carousel from their “Spring Day” music video, the train from their “I Need U” music video

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